My soul has been crushed,
And my heart was grieved.
My dreams were dead,
And my hopes were dashed.

All alone I weep over my fate,
and lead myself from darkness to light.
I try to find someone to hold my hand,
And yearn for loverly lands.

It's difficult to shine in darkness,
but silent tenacity leads me to brightness.
It's hard to believe in wonders,
But sincere prayers held me to happiness.

Journey toward success is tough,
But still i have courage to strive..

Oh Allah! I struggle hard for Jannah..,
And my love for You is strong and high.

Alhamdulillah! My life strives hard for Jannah!!

By Xiarain Nell Alfad



by: Qur'an 39:66

Nay, but you shall serve God alone and be among those who
show gratitude for His guidance and bounties by sharing them with

A student talks:

I owe thee "shukr" for the knowledge imparted
I was ignorant and now I am knowledgeable
May God give thee heaven
An everlasting place of bliss

A master replies:

"Shukr" ends not with verbal thanks
Nor with prayers for heaven and other blessings
'Tis to manifest all purpose behind creations
'Tis the valuable act of GIVING
'Tis extending your hands to work for others
To walk your feet for maximum benefit
To talk your tongue for none but truth and peace
To see Truth with the eye of Truth
Knowledge learnt must be shared
Not for fame nor fee
There is no giving if thou stand on the pedestal
Longing for people's thanks and praises
When thou did wash thine face for prayer
Thou vowed to show the face of mercy
And the two hands which thou did cleanse
A pledge to work benevolently
Salah is to connect every creation with its purpose
Thereby surrendering power to the Real Owner
To serve for the sake of Beneficence and Mercy
As our gratitude to the Majesty

By Fahri


Amidst silence upon the zenith
Expectations beyond reach
Like a fully bloomed flower in the meadows
I gasped for breath anew

Dancing with joy in the ocean of your presence
I heard your sweet whispers
Exchanges of pleasantries and heart-felt feelings
I felt so secured with you

The agony experienced in search of you
Worth a thousand-fold and more
The warmth I felt, the trust you gave
A moment in time so true

A secret message which you gave
Struck me with pangs of birth
A union concealed in a thousand veils
As love must bear a fruit

And so you taught me intimacy
And admitted me to the house of love
Wherein I have pledged to be a servant of love
To be loyal to none but you

And yet my love shall manifest
In all created realms
Nourishing and comforting all that I come across
The agony ~ my incessant longing for you

By Fahri



A womb welcomed with much warmth;
But gave up on the ninth month.
Angels all around, I thrilled,
Water on my skin, I chilled.

My Salehah, thy is brave,
No, Rukayya you are saved.
Your greetings each corner filled,
A tender cry which was willed.

Shukran Allah for the first,
Insha Allah, I’d do best.
Keeping them loved and alive,
Pretty lil angel and wife.

Our lives aren’t our own to share,
But we’ll give, our soul we bare.
Muslim family’s laughters
Nothing can ever compare.

By Rukayya "Kai" Darul
Iligan City, Mindanao


Meeting the Destiny

The Dark days Begin to shine
The light Spread to Everyone
To be free
Meeting their Destiny

By Khalid Ismael



To surpass you with my wisdom was my desire;
Reading books, asking people, surfing the net,
I did to find fuels for our talk as two intellectuals.

That I love and adore you, i kept hidden from you;
Let my actions portray, let my wisdom convey,
The best of feelings i have for You.

Your sudden journey left me totally wrecked,
Repenting for the times I was unexpressive.
Hope I'd also minted words to convey to u my Love.

I miss you, Father;
Give me your calm,
Lend me your hand,
Lead me the way to the Promised Land.

By Noenyrie Tammang Asiri



You should always be in a ritual ablution
except for those with reasons

Observe cleanliness at all times
as a half of your Faith

Always be present in all lawful ways
Never act unlawful deeds

Observe silent in every moment
You can Laugh but within your heart

Always observed the time
of your Daily prayers

Always smile to everyone
with love in presents

Always observed the limit
of a man and a woman 

Take food without limits
anytime just don't waste

No one like mother and no place like at home
so then you should fell at home

By Khalid Ismael



When I go to bed
To sleep with my wish
To have a dream
That couldn't be reached

The Dream has come
Whispering in my mind
Love is the best
Happened to all Human

By Khalid Ismael



Inspired by Surah Al-Rahman
Which of the Blessings of the Lord do Ye deny?

Symbols spread across ages
Far out in space and the ground underneath
Whether seen or unseen
They never fail to teach

A hint of power and artistry
Of An Ever-Living source of Grace
Each symbol carries a potential so great
Whilst utilized; a Divine Mercy

For each has its own direction
To fulfil the inherent Command
Inscribed in souls and parchments
Each never fails to understand

But what happened to the Adamic race?
Deaf, dumb and blind to the Word
Looking for answers in far off places
Divine Words they cloaked heavily

Divine conversations inscribed
In every human soul
That succeeds in removing all cloaks
To behold the Majesty

By Fahri



"I'm a street,
A high street
And my pavement are concrete.
I'm completely
No bends,
And I've junctions at both ends.

At my lights,
Red, green
And amber,
People cross
My two-inch
I give them
The right
Of way
To get from Boots
To C
And A.
Between twelve 
And three,
You can't park
On me,
except to load
Or else

You can hit
The road
But you sure can't beat this street.
I'm police
Local council
And swept.

By Amiera Fatieta Gadjali